The water problem is being worked on, it will be off for a minimum of an hour.
 Posted at 7:30 am Wednesday Sept 17


Mayor- Jim Nyhof
Council Members
Chris Champ
Tami Henke
Paul Nelson
DJ Reige
Auditor Beth Leake

Horace/Hickson Fire Dept- Greg Hanson 701-799-3727 Hickson Community Center-MaryJane Nipstad 701-361-5191
Other Information
Oxbow Covenants
2.8 MB

Please make sure your sump discharge is draining outside and not into the sewer.

May 5th clean up day!!!!!

Garbage service Metro Disposal 218-233-0089, Garbage Pick-up Mondays

Cass Rural Water District 

131 Maple Street
P.O. Box 98
Kindred, ND 58051


800.922.2798 (toll free



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